PATRO INFORMATION offers a wide range of patent-related services. Our services include conducting technical searches (especially Japanese patent searches) and we can provide translations of Japanese technical and patent documents.

Our strengths
Novelty search
for filing a patent application.
invalidation search
for invalidating a patent obstructing your business.
Infringement prevention search (clearance search)
for developing or launching a new product.
other searches
for obtaining various technical information.
patent translation
for filing a foreign patent application.
Patent search / translation workflow
Patent terms, dictionary: reputable as being
Patent search, translation, analysis. If you are looking for a partnership you can trust leave it to Patro Information.
For quotations, consultations and inquiries
Tel: 03-5470-1930 opening times (weekedays 9:15-17:15) enquiries by email are accepted at any time.
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PATRO INFORMATION offers a wide range of expert patent-related services.