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Patent Translation Service

Patro has in-house translators and a network of over 200 translators each capable of translating patent-related, legal, and technical documents in even the most specialized of fields and industries. Translations are reviewed by staff who are well-versed in the technical field. In addition, all translations into English are reviewed by individuals whose native language is English prior to being provided to the client.  As the language used in various fields continues to evolve, the members of Patro are provided with current literature related to their particular fields of expertise in order to stay up to speed with recent developments not only in their technical field, but also in the manner in which the language has changed and is used.

Patent translation workflow


Standard translation fee

■ Japanese to English; 25 yen/per English word
■ English to Japanese; 20 yen/per English word
Fees may vary depending on your case.
Patent search, translation, analysis. If you are looking for a partnership you can trust leave it to Patro Information.
For quotations, consultations and inquiries
Tel: 03-5470-1930 opening times (weekedays 9:15-17:15) enquiries by email are accepted at any time.
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