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High quality service - we constantly strive to make improvements so each and every client is satisfied with our services.
We provide the most thorough services tailored to the needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality, use of skilled personnel, overseas network, and well-developed education system allow us to provide the highest degree of services.

Quality of patent search

The search target and search queries are reviewed and discussed by the searchers best suited to conduct the search. Every search report is reviewed by experienced staff members. The quality of our services has been immensely useful to clients in and outside Japan since our company was founded in 1989. Our searching skills cover a wide range of technical fields.


Our searchers have specialized education and knowledge in numerous technical fields, and many of them have Ph.D. or M.S. degrees. All of our searches are familiar with patent-related laws, and are capable of understanding patent specifications written in English, and of creating search reports in English. Each English report is proofread by an in-house native English speaker to improve the quality.

overseas network

We have a wide ranging network of relationships with search firms in the USA, the EU, Asia, Oceania, etc., who assist us in performing searches using worldwide databases, etc.


Staying up-to-date with database improvements and state-of-the-art technologies is essential to provide services which meet our client’s individual needs. Our searchers actively participate in highlevel training, seminars, and education to improve their skills.
Patent search, translation, analysis. If you are looking for a partnership you can trust leave it to Patro Information.
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PATRO INFORMATION offers a wide range of expert patent-related services.