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Current Fields of Search Expertise

We have a proven track record over a wide range of technical fields. While our recent work has been in the following technical fields, we are fully capable of providing assistance in others.
Electrical mechanical / household appliances / information communication programs business models / household goods personal products/ material science / bio/life science Home AppliancesInformation, Transmission, Programs, and Business Models>Biology and Life Sciences Material SciencesElectronics and MachineryHousehold products and Personal Products

Biology and Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical Compounds Drug Approval Status Searches Fungicides Therapeutic Agents Cosmetics
Drug Formulations Foods and Beverages Anti-Algae Agents Culture Carriers Agrochemicals
Lactic Acid fermentation Feed Stem Cells Agrochemical Application Methods Pesticide Regulation Information Searches Assays
Antiseptic Agents        

Material Sciences

Organometallic Compounds Carbon Black Conductive Carbonaceous Materials Metal Salt Hydrates Ink Compositions
Organic-Inorganic Composites Inclusion Compounds Water Treatment Agents Battery Cell Construction Optically Active Metallic Complexes
Polymer Dispersants Crystallization Compounds Epoxy Curing Agents Optical Elements
Metallic Particles Composite Biomaterials ENCS Registration Number Searches Polycrystalline Silicon Composite Materials for Bone Prosthesis

Information, Transmission, Programs, and Business Models

Vending Machine Management System Merchandising Systems Security Monitoring and Control Systems Point Systems Gaming Sysytems
Information and Telecommunications Systems Operation and Analysis Support Systems Navigation Systems Business Models Two-Dimensional Color Coding

Electronics and Machinery

Semiconductor Exposure Devices Fuel Systems Reflector Mirrors Insulation Measuring Devices Cooling Systems
Coating Equipment Current Transducers Excavators Printers Charging Devices
Compressors Machining Equipment Mixers Card Units Polishing Devices
Infusion Devices Sensors Molding Equipment Exhaust-Gas Treatment Equipment Gaming Devices
Constant Temperature Units Microbubble Generators Medical Equipment Fire Extinguishing Devices  

Home Appliances

Lighting Fixtures Cameras Washing Machines Microwave Ovens Dryers
Lighting Devices Smart Phones Vacuum Cleaners Home Appliances  

Household products and Personal Products

Containers Cookware Writing Materials Packaging Prosthetic Limbs
Labellers Storage Units Daily Use Products and Miscellaneous Goods Clothing and Footwear Toys and Recreational Games
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