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有効性調査 validity search

(ex.) to conduct a validity search to find any prior art references which can be used to invalidate the patent (特許を無効にする先行資料を探すための有効性調査をする)
優先権 priority (right), right of priority
〜を主張する to claim a priority (of [from] an earlier application)
(ex.) the priority claim is not valid (有効でない)
〜の主張を伴う出願 application claiming a priority (by virtue of Article 43-1)
〜を享受する to enjoy a (Convention) priority (of an earlier [basic] application)
〜証明書 priority certificate, certified copy, Convention priority document

(ex.) A certified copy of the applications from which priority is claimed must be submitted within one year and four months from the earliest filing date.
国内〜 domestic priority, to claim (a) domestic priority from Japanese Patent Application No.
優先審査 preferential examination
優先して審査する to examine (a patent application) in preference (to other applications)
優先日 priority date
猶予 deferment (of the payment of annuities)
〜する to defer, to postpone, to prolong
猶予期間 grace period, suspended period, suspension
(ex) 相当の〜を置いて A court may summon the accused giving a reasonable time in advance
〜を置く to establish a grace period
少なくとも24時間の〜 A grace period of twenty-four hours shall be established between ...
輸入差止措置 importation-restraining measure
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