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同意 consent
〜を得る to obtain a consent
当業者 a person with an ordinary skill in the art, those in the art, artisan

(ex.) as is recognized by those in the art (当業者には認知されていることだが)
当事者 person [party] concerned, litigant

(ex.) to participate in the proceedings for the trial as a concerned party (当事者として審判手続に参加する)
〜系審判 inter-parties trial
〜参加 intervening in the action as a party
〜能力 capacity for being a party
到達 arrival
答弁書 reply brief, written reply, answer, a written refutation
〜を提出する to submit a written reply (to the demand of trial for invalidation)
〜の提出の機会を与える to give (the defendant) an opportunity for presenting a written reply
答弁指令 invitation [directive] to [for] a reply
謄本 transcript
査定の〜 transcript of the (Examiner's) decision
登録 registration (of the establishment of the patent right)
〜する to register (the transfer of a patent right)
〜原簿 (patent) register, (patent) ledger
〜査定 decision of registration

(ex.) to render a decision for patent grant
〜番号 registration number
〜料 registration fee
〜意匠 registered design
〜実用新案 registered utility model
〜商標 registered trademark
〜要件 requirements for registability
登録特許公報 granted [registered] patent publication
独占禁止法 Antitrust Law
特則 special provision
特定発明 specified invention
独立請求項 independent claim,

cf. dependent claim (従属項)
特許 patent
〜になる (an application) matures into a patent, a patent is granted on an application
〜を維持する旨の決定 decision of maintenance of a patent
〜出願人 patent applicant
〜要件 requirements for patent
〜性 patentability
〜証 letters patent
〜の無効 invalidation of a patent
〜の無効性 invalidity of a patent
〜無効審判 trial for invalidation of patent
〜の取消理由通知 notice of reasons for revocation of a patent
〜権 patent right
〜権者 patentee
〜料 annual fee, annuity
〜庁 Patent Office, JPO [Japanese Patent Office], P. O.
〜庁長官 Commissioner of the Patent Office
〜庁技監 Engineer-General of the Patent Office
〜異議申立 (written) patent opposition
〜異議申立をする to file an opposition to [against] a patent (with the Commissioner of the Patent Office)
〜異議申立人 patent opponent
〜異議理由 reasons for patent opposition (or revocation)
〜異議の決定 decision on patent opposition

cf. decision of maintenance of patent
〜原簿 patent register [ledger]
〜公報 patent publication
登録〜公報 granted [registered] patent publication, patent publication
〜管理人 patent administrator
〜請求の範囲 scope of claim for patent, claim
〜出願公開 publication before examination (of a patent application)
cf. 特開平4-123号公報 Kokai (unexamined patent publication) No. 4-123
〜出願公告 publication after examination (of a patent application)
cf. 特公平4-234号公報 Kokoku (examined patent publication) No. 4-234
cf. 特許公報2345678号 Patent Publication No. 2345678
〜法 Patent Law
〜印紙 patent revenue stamp
〜施行規則 Regulations under the Patent Law
〜訴訟 patent litigation, patent suit
〜施行法 Patent Law Enforcement Law
〜施行法 Patent Law Enforcement Law
〜施行令 Patent Law Enforcement Order
〜登録令 Patent Registration Order
〜情報検索 patent information retrieval
特許協力条約 PCT, Patent Cooperation Treaty
特許電子図書館 IPDL, Industrial Property Digital Library
届け出 notification
取消 cancellation, revocation
〜する to cancel (the decision of patent grant)
〜の理由 reasons for revocation (of a patent)
取下 withdrawal
〜げる to withdraw (an application)
〜書 (written) withdrawal
〜げたものとみなされる to be deemed (to have been) withdrawn
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