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対応 counterpart, correspondence
〜外国公報 foreign counterpart [equivalent] (publication)
第三者 third person [party]
〜に対抗する to be effective against a third person [party], to set up against (a third person)
対比 comparison
代表者 representative (for a company)
代理 representation
〜する to represent, to act as an attorney for [on behalf of, on his behalf]
〜権 power of attorney
〜権の消滅 extinguishment of the power of attorney
〜権を有する to have the power of attorney
〜人 representative, attorney
法廷〜人 legal representative
訴訟〜人 process-attorney
〜人受任届 notification of acceptance of power of attorney
〜人解任届 notification of revocation of power of attorney
〜人辞任届 notification of resignation of power of attorney
〜人選任届 notification of appointment of power of attorney
〜人変更届 notification of change of attorney
択一形式 alternative form
多項制 multiple claim system
但し書き proviso
37条〜 the proviso to [of] Article 37
前項〜の (the period specified in) the proviso to the preceding paragraph
cf. 本文 the body (of Article 29, paragraph 1)
他人 other person
多物品 multiple articles
ダブルパテント double patents

(ex.) a terminal disclaimer system is adopted in the U. S. to avoid double patenting rejection (米国ではダブルパテント拒絶を避けるため、ターミナルディスクレーマーが認められている)
単一性 unity (of the inventions)
段落番号 paragraph number
〜の識別子 identifiers for paragraph numbers
お見積もり ご相談 ご依頼はコチラ
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