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早期審査 accelerated examination
早期審理 accelerated trial examination
創作 creation
〜する to create (a technical idea)
〜者 creator
〜性 creativity
相続 inheritance, succession
〜分 share in the succession
〜その他の一般承継 inheritance or other general succession
〜人 heir, successor
送達 transmittal, service
〜する to transmit (a document to a person), to serve (a document upon a person)
送付 to send
双方 both parties
遡及日 retroactive date
訴訟 suit, litigation, action, lawsuit
〜手続 litigation proceedings
〜を中止する to suspend the suit
〜を提起する to institute [file] a suit, to sue, to bring an action (to the Tokyo High Court)
審決取消〜 suit to cancel a trial decision
〜記録 record of proceedings
〜代理人 procedural attorney [representative], process-attorney
疎明 prima facie evidence
〜する to offer presumptive proof, to make credible, to show a probable ground, to give prima facie evidence
損害 damage
〜賠償 compensation [indemnification] for damage
〜賠償をする to indemnify a person for damages
〜賠償請求権 right to demand the compensation for damage
〜の責任 liability for damage
存続期間 term (of patent right)
〜の延長登録 registration of the extension of the patent term
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