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実施 working
〜する to work (a patented invention)
名目上の〜 nominal working
〜権 license
専用〜権 exclusive license
通常〜権 non-exclusive license
〜権者 licensee
〜許諾者 licenser
〜契約 license agreement
実施態様 embodiment
実施例 (working) example (化学), embodiment (機械・電気)
実体審査 (substantive) examination

cf. formality examination(方式審査)
実用新案 utility model
〜登録出願 utility model application, application for utility model registration
〜登録請求の範囲 scope of claim for utility model registration
〜技術評価書 Examiner's technical opinion (as to the registability of utility model), u. m. search report
指定 designation
〜する to designate (a time limit for a procedure)
〜期間 time limit (designated in accordance with the law)
〜国 designated state
〜官庁 designated Office
自明 obvious
〜の self-evident
斜視図 perspective view
従業員発明 employee's invention

cf. 職務発明
終結 conclusion
住所 domicile
〜変更届 notification of change in [of] the (applicant's) address
cf. 居所 residence
従属請求項 dependent claim

cf. Claim 3 is a dependant on Claim 1
従来技術 conventional technology, prior art, previously existing technology
縦覧 public inspection
手交 to hand over, to deliver
拒絶理由通知を〜する to hand over an Office Action (to the) (attorney for the applicant)
趣旨 purport (of the demand)
主張 to argue for (賛成意見を), to argue against (反対意見を)
出願 application
〜をする to file an application
〜経過 prosecution history
〜公開 publication before examination (of an application)
〜公開された (the application) was laid open as Kokai (Jpn. Unexamined patent publication) No. ... 
cf. 特開昭63-123号公報 Kokai (Jpn. unexamined patent publication) No. 63-123
〜公告 publication after examination (of an application)
〜書類 filing documents
〜公告された (the application) was published (again) as Kokoku (Jpn. examined patent publication) No. ... (for opposition purposes)
〜審査請求書 (written) request for examination 
cf. 特公昭63-456号公報 Kokoku (Jpn. examined patent publication) No. 63-456
〜番号 application[filing, serial] number
〜変更 conversion of an application
〜変更する to convert a patent application into a utility model application
親〜 parent application.
分割〜 divisional application
〜の要件 requisites for applications
〜の種類 type of an application
〜の審査状況 (legal) status of an application
出願人 applicant
〜名義変更届 notification of change of applicant
出願日 filing date
〜の遡及 retroactive effects in respect of the filing date
出訴 institution of an action [suit] (against a trial decision)
〜期間 term for an action
〜する to bring a suit (at the Tokyo High Court), to bring an action, to institute a law suit
種苗法 Seeds and Seedlings Law
主文 text
判決〜 text of a (court) decision
受理 receipt
〜官庁 receiving office
準用する to apply mutatis mutandis (to the annual fees under this law)
Article, Section
特許法29条の2 Article 29-bis of the Patent Law
29条2項 Article 29, paragraph
229条1項3号 Article 29, paragraph 1, item 3
29条柱書き(本文) the body of Article 29
29条但し書き the proviso to[of] Article 29
上位概念 generic (broader) concept
cf. 下位概念 more limitative concept
承継 succession
〜する succeed (to the right of)
〜人 successor, assignor

(ex.) An irrevocable trial decision is binding on the parties, and those who have succeeded to them (確定審決は当事者及びその承継人に対して効力が及ぶ)
証拠 evidence
〜調 taking [examination] of evidence
〜調をする to take [examine] evidence
〜書類 documentary evidence
〜保全 preservation [perpetuation] of evidence
〜を保全する to preserve the evidence
〜方法 method of evidence, means of evidence
甲号証第1号 Demandant's Exhibit No. 1
乙号証第1号 Demandee's Exhibit No. 1
上申書 petition
譲渡 to assign (a patent right to)
〜証 assignment deed
〜人 assignor
被〜人 (譲受人) assignee
証人 witness
情報開示陳述書(US) information disclosure statement
情報提供 offer of information, information statement
抄本 partial copy, abstract copy, extract of [from], abridged copy
an original, a copy or an extract from the record of the case
証明 certification
〜書 certificate
正面図 front (elevational) view
条約 convention, treaty

(ex.) Paris Convention (パリ条約)

(ex.) Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT条約)

(ex.) Budapest Agreement (ブタペスト条約)
抄録 abstract
植物特許 plant patent
職務発明 invention in service
cf. 従業員発明 bibliographic items [data]
除斥 exclusion
〜する to exclude
職権で ex officio
〜期間延長をする to extend the time limit by ex officio
〜尋問 interrogation by ex officio
〜審理主義 principle of proceeding by ex officio
〜訂正 correction by ex officio
処分 disposition
〜する to dispose (of)
書面 written statement, document, paper
〜により in writing
〜により証明する to prove in writing
〜審理 documentary trial examination
〜主義 principle of documentary proceeding
〜手続 paper procedure
指令 invitation, directive, order
〜書 written directive [invitation]
侵害 infringement
〜する to infringe (on) (a patent)
〜訴訟 infringement suit
〜とみなす行為 act deemed to be an infringement
〜の罪 offense of an infringement
新規事項 new matter
〜の追加 addition of a new matter
新規性 novelty
発明の〜 novelty of an invention
〜喪失の例外 exception to loss of novelty

(ex.) to conduct a novelty search of the invention to determine whether or not the application is to be filed (出願すべきか否かを決定するため発明の新規性調査をする
信義則 principle of faith and trust, fair and equitable principle(s)
取引の〜に背反する行為 conduct contravening fair principles of trade
審決 trial decision, decision by trial
〜をする to render a trial decision
〜却下 dismissal by trial decision
〜却下に対する訴え suit against trial decision
〜書 written appeal [trial] decision
〜取消訴訟 suit against appeal [trial] decision, suit for cancelling trial decision
〜の確定 conclusion of appeal [trial] decision
〜の確定する前に before the trial decision has become final and conclusive
その〜が確定した時 When the trial decision thereon has become fully binding
〜の取消事由 grounds for cancelling a trial decision
親告罪 offense subject to prosecution on complaint
審査 examination
〜する to examine
〜に係属 to be pending with the examination
〜請求 request for substantive examination
〜請求をする to make [file, lodge] a request for substantive examination
〜前置 pretrial reexamination, reexamination before (substantive) trial
〜官 Examiner
〜基準 Examination Criteria, Examination Standard
〜主義 substantive examination principle
心証 conviction
審尋 questioning, interrogation
信託 trust
審判 (1) appeal trial (拒絶査定・補正不服審判)

(2) trial (許無効・訂正・訂正無効審判)
〜を行う to conduct a trial
〜官 trial examiner(s),

(ex.) collegial body of trial examiners (審判官の合議体)
〜長 trial examiner-in-chief
〜請求 demand for trial
〜請求する to demand an appeal trial (against the Examiner's rejection)
〜請求書 notice of trial
〜請求理由補充書 trial brief
〜請求人 demandant of a trial
〜に係属 to be pending at the Trial Board
進歩性 inventive step (of the invention over the prior art)
尋問書 interrogation
信用 reputation
〜回復の措置 measures for the recovery of reputation
審理 trial examination
〜する(口頭審理の場合) to conduct a hearing
〜終結 conclusion of trial examination
〜を終結する to conclude a trial examination
〜終結通知 notice of conclusion of a trial examination
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