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請求 demand (for a trial), request (for an examination), claim (for damages)
〜する to demand (a trial)
〜人 demandant
〜の趣旨 purport of the demand
請求項 claim
〜の追加 addition of claim
〜の減縮 restriction of claim
〜の削除 deletion of claim
〜に係る発明 the invention claimed in (claim 1)
正当な理由 legitimate reason
正本 certified copy, original
政令 cabinet order, ordinance of cabinet
世界知的所有権機関 WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
施行 Enforcement
〜規則 Enforcement Regulations (of Patent the Law)
〜令 Enforcement Order 
〜法 Enforcement Law
設計変更 design choice, workshop modification
〜にすぎない to be merely a matter of design choice
設定 establishment
特許権の〜 establishment of a patent right
〜登録 registration of the establishment
善意 good faith, bona fide
〜の実施 working in good faith
先願 prior application
〜主義 first-to-file rule
先行意匠 prior design
先行技術 prior art,

cf. conventional art (従来技術、慣用技術), known art (公知技術)
〜調査 prior art search
先使用 prior use
〜権 (non-exclusive) license by virtue of prior use, prior user's right
宣誓供述書 affidavit
宣誓書 oath, declaration
選択官庁 elected office
選択国 elected state
選択発明 selective invention
前置 pretrial reexamination, reexamination before (substantial) trial
〜が解除された a pretrial reexamination was released (and the case was transferred to the Trial Board)
〜審査 pre-trial examination, reexamination (by Examiner) before trial [appeal]
先発明主義 first-to-invent rule

cf. first-to-file rule(先願主義)
全文補正 amendment of the entire specification
〜する to amend the full text (of the specification)
〜明細書 entirely amended specification, rewritten specification
専有する権利 exclusive right
専用実施権 exclusive license

cf. non-exclusive license (通常実施権)
〜を設定する to establish an exclusive license
〜を移転する to transfer an exclusive license
〜者 exclusive licensee
専用する to have an exclusive right (to work the patented invention as a business), to exclusively possess the right (to)
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