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再考 reconsideration
再審 retrial
〜を請求する to demand a retrial (on the ground...)
裁定実施権 arbitrary license
裁判所 court
地方〜 district court
高等〜 high court

(ex.) the Tokyo High Court
最高〜 the Supreme Court
〜へ出訴する to bring a suit to the Tokyo High Court
先の出願 earlier application, previous application
差止 injunction
〜請求 demand for injunction
〜請求権 right to demand injunction
差戻し refer back, return, send back, remand
事件を〜す return the case back to the ...
査定 decision
〜をする to render a decision
〜が確定する decision becomes final and conclusive, to become irrevocably conclusive
特許〜 decision of patent grant
〜謄本 transcript of the patent decision
作用 operation, working, action
〜効果 operation and effect
参加 intervention (in the trial)
〜する to intervene
〜申請書 written application for intervention
〜人 intervener
産業 industry
〜上の industrial
〜上の利用可能性 industrial applicability
〜分野 field of industry
参考文献 reference
参酌 to take into consideration [account], have regard to, pay due attention
お見積もり ご相談 ご依頼はコチラ
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