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cf. 29条1項1号 Article 29, paragraph 1, item 1(Paragraph 1, Item 1でも可)
cf. 29条の2 Article 29 bis
考案 device, invention
〜者 creator, inventor, author
合意 mutual consent, agreement
公開 publication before examination (of an application), laying open (of an application), Kokai publication, first publication
特開昭60-123号公報 Kokai (unexamined patent publication) No. 60-123, Unexamined Patent Publication (Kokai) No. 60-123
後願 later application
合議 collegial examination
合議体 collegial body (of trial examiners)
工業 industry
〜所有権 industrial property right
〜所有権法 Industrial Property Law
〜デザイン industrial design
後見人 guardian
〜監督人 supervisor
甲号証 demandant's [opponent's, plaintiff's, appellant's] exhibit
甲第1号証 demandant's Exhibit No. 1, opponent's reference 1
公告 publication after examination (of an application), publication for opposition purposes, Kokoku (publication), second publication
特公昭60-456号公報 Kokoku (examined patent publication) No. 60-456, Examined Patent Publication (Kokoku) No. 60-456
行使 exercise
〜する to exercise (the right to demand compensation) (補償金請求権を行使)
公序良俗 public order and morality
構成 constitution
発明の〜に欠くことのできない要件 features indispensable for the constitution of an invention
〜要件 constituent features (of the invention), components (of the apparatus of the invention)
必須〜要件 indispensable constituent features (of the invention), essential components (of the apparatus of the invention)
公然 publicly, openly
〜実施された発明 publicly worked invention
〜知られた発明 publicly known invention
構造 structure, construction
公知 publicly known
工程図 flow sheet, flow chart
口頭の oral
〜審理 oral trial examination, oral proceeding, oral hearing
公表公報 Kohyo (National Publication of Translated Version) No., Kohyo (Jpn. Unexamined Patent Publication) No.
交付 issue, deliver
公用 public use
効力 effect
〜を生ずる to take effect, to become effective, to come into force
〜が及ぶ (patent right) extends to
…に関する手続の〜 effects of a procedure regarding
誤記 errors (in the description)
〜を訂正する to correct errors
国際 international
〜公開 international publication
〜公開○号 International Publication WO
〜工業所有権保護協会 AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property)
〜出願 international application
〜段階 international phase
〜調査 international search
〜予備調査 international preliminary examination
国際特許分類 International Patent Classification (IPC)
国内公表 National publication of translated version
国内出願 domestic [national] application
cf. 外国出願 foreign application
国内段階 national phase [stage]
〜に移行 to enter [transfer] into the national stage (in Japan)
国内優先権 domestic [internal] priority
誤認 erroneous assumption, misleading (as to the quality of the goods)
誤訳 mistakes in translation [mistranslation], erroneous translation
〜訂正書 request for correction of an incorrect translation
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