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起案 drafting, draft
〜日 drafting date
cf. 発送日 mailing date
期間 time limit, term, period, period of time
〜を指定する to designate a time limit (for)
〜を延長する to extend the time limit (for)
〜延長を請求する to request an extension of the term (for)
〜延長 extension of the period [term]
〜内に within the time limit
〜の経過 lapse of period
〜満了 expiration [completion] of a period
〜の計算 calculation [computation] of the duration (period)
技監 Engineer-General (of the Patent Office)
棄却 dismissal
訴えを決定により〜した The court dismissed the appeal by means of a ruling
記載 description
〜不備による拒絶 rejection based on inappropriate (or insufficient) description in the specification
起算する to count from, (to begin) to run, running from
期日 date (appointed)
〜を指定する to designate a date (for)
技術 technology
〜的範囲 technical scope (of the patented invention)
〜的思想 technical idea
〜用語 technical term
〜的思想の創作 the creation of technical ideas
〜水準 technical level, state of the art
〜的手段 technical means
〜予測 technological forecasting
従来〜 conventional art
先行〜 prior art
〜評価書 Examiner's technical opinion (as to the registability of a utility model)
〜水準調査 state of the art search
〜説明 technical explanation
〜秘訣 know-how
〜分野 technical field
基準 standard, criteria, basis
審査〜 criteria for examination, examination standard
基礎出願 basic application
寄託 deposition
〜する to deposit (a microorganism at the Fermentation Research Institute)
〜機関 depository
〜者 depositor
規定 provisions
〜する to provide, to prescribe, to stipulate, to enumerate
38条の〜により under [in accordance with] the provision of Article 38
この法律の〜により under this Law
機能 function
〜的記載 functional expression [description]
〜を発揮する to exhibit [play] the function of
既判力 res judicata (L.), the effect of excluding further litigation
確定判決は〜を有する A judgement that has become irrevocable possesses the effect of excluding further litigation
忌避 challenge, refuse, evade

(ex.) a party refused a trial examiner (当事者がある審判官を忌避した)
基本 basic, fundamental
〜手数料 basic fee
〜特許 basic patent (通常基本的な原理やパイオニア発明についての特許をいう)
却下 declinement, dismissal
〜する to decline (an amendment), to dismiss (a suit), to reject, to refuse, to turn down, to quash
協議 consultation, agreement
〜が整わない時には if no agreement has been reached
〜不成立 disagreement on consultation
〜命令 directive[order] for consultation
行政 administration
〜事件訴訟法 Administrative Case Litigation Law
〜処分 administrative disposition
〜訴訟 administrative litigation
〜庁 he government authorities, an Administrative Office
〜不服審査法 Administrative (Complaint) Appeal Law
〜不服審査法に基づく異議申し立て objection under the Administrative Appeal Law
強制実施権 compulsory license
共同出願 joint application
〜出願人 joint applicants, coapplicants
業として実施 commercial working, working as a business
業務 business, profession, affairs, transaction, vocation, activities, duty, service
〜規定 business rule
〜上過失 neglect of occupational duty
〜の停止 suspension of business
業務記載(商標) description of business
業務上の利益 interest of business
業務に係る商品又は役務 goods or services in connection with person's business
共有 joint ownership, coownership
〜する to jointly own, to coown
〜者 joint owner, coowner
享有(受) enjoyment
〜する to enjoy (a patent right, a priority, the benefit of the exception to loss of novelty)
虚偽の untrue, false
〜の申立 false statement
虚偽表示 false marking [indication], fictitious declaration
〜罪 offense of false marking [indication]
居所 residence, dwelling place

cf. 住所 domicile, address
拒絶 rejection
〜する to reject (an application)
〜理由 reasons for rejection

ex. the reasons for rejection specified in this Office Action were overcome by the amendment(拒絶理由通知書に記載の拒絶理由は補正によって解消された)
〜理由通知書 notice of reasons for rejection, notification of reasons for refusal, Office Action, Official Letter
〜理由通知書を発行する to issue an Office Action
〜理由通知書を起案する to draft an Office Action
〜理由通知書の発送日 mailing date of an Office Action
最初の(最後の)〜理由通知書 first [final] Office Action
〜査定 decision of [for] final rejection
〜理由通知を手交する to hand over an Office Action
〜査定をする to make [render] a decision of final rejection
〜査定に対する審判(を請求する) (to demand) a trial against a decision of final rejection
許諾 agreement, permission
〜実施権 license by agreement
実施を〜する to grant permission to a person to work the patent invention
記録原本 record copy
禁止権 prohibitive right
均等 equivalency
〜な equivalent (to)
〜物 equivalent
〜論 the doctrine of equivalents
禁反言 estoppel
包袋の〜 file wrapper estoppel
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