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経過 process, development, lapse, course, progress
〜措置 transitional measures
〜規定 transitional provisions
〜的特例 interim exceptions
〜した (ex.) a period for the payment of the tenth annuity has lapsed
経験則 empirical rules
警告 warning
〜状 warning letter
〜する to warn
掲載 publication

(ex.) in substitution for the publication in a newspaper (新聞上の掲載に代えて)
係争 dispute
〜(対象)物 subject matter in dispute
係属 pendency
〜する to be pending (before the P. O., with the examination)
事件の〜中 during the pendency of the case (before the P. O.), while the case is pending (before the court)
〜中の出願 pending application
結合商標 composite trademark
結審 closing of an appeal (trial) examination
決定 decision
〜する to render [make] a decision (that the application is to be granted)
原因 cause
除斥〜 cause for exclusion
権限 power
〜を与える to authorize, to commission to do
原告 plaintiff, appellant(二審以上、控訴人、上告人)
cf. 被告 defendant, appellee
検索 retrieval, search
〜する to retrieve, to conduct a search for

(ex.) to retrieve an English abstract of the corresponding application through the JPO web-site (対応する出願の英文抄録を日本特許庁のホームページで検索する)
原産地 source of origin
〜表示 indication of source
〜名称 appellation of origin
減縮 restriction
〜する to restrict (the claim)
原出願 original (parent) application
原審 original decision [instance]
〜維持 the original decision is maintained[supported]
〜取消 original decision is reversed[canceled]
顕著な conspicuous, remarkable, marked
〜な効果 prominent effect
〜な事実 obvious facts
限定 limitation
〜する to limit (the claim)
〜的 limitative
〜的列挙 limitative listing (of the reasons for rejection)
〜的減縮 restriction by limitation
原文 original text
原簿 (patent) register, (registration) ledger
権利 right, title
〜移転登録 registration of transfer of right
第三者の〜 right belonging to a third person
〜義務 rights and duties
〜の行使 exercise of right
〜者 person entitled, claimant, right holder, patentee(特許権者)
〜の侵害 infringement (on a patent right)
〜の濫用 abuse of a right
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