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外観 appearance
外観類似(意匠・商標) similarity in appearance
外国語特許出願 foreign language application (for patent), (patent) application in foreign language
外国人 alien(法律の条文中), a foreigner(手紙中)

(ex.) an alien who is neither domiciled nor resident in Japan (日本国内に住所又は居所を有しない外国人)
開示 disclosure
〜不十分 insufficient disclosure (of the invention)
(〜の規定に)該当する to fall under (Article 29 bis)
改任 replacement
解任 dismissal, removal
〜する to replace (a representative for)
〜届 notification of replacement (of representative)
回避 refrainment, avoiding
回復 restore
審査段階では拒絶されたが審判段階で回復した the application was rejected by the Examiner but was restored at the trial stage
改良 improvement
〜する to improve
〜発明 improvement invention
〜発明特許 improvement patent
科学 science
〜技術 science and technology, scientific technology
〜的発見 scientific discovery
化学 chemistry
〜物質 chemical substance
下記の事項 following particulars
学術団体 scientific body
学術用語 scientific terms
拡大箇所 enlarged part
拡大図 enlarged view
拡張 enlargement

cf. to restrict a claim(減縮)
クレームを〜する to enlarge a claim
確定 final, definite, fixed, firm, definitive
〜する to become final and conclusive, to become irrevocable, to finally establish, to become finally binding
〜審決 final and conclusive trial decision, final and binding trial decision
〜判決 final and conclusive judgement, irrevocable decision
〜日 fixed date, incontrovertible date, date when the procedure is established
雅号 pseudonym
瑕疵 defect (欠陥), error
過失 negligence

(ex.) intentionally or negligently infringe a patent right (故意または過失により侵害)
〜の推定 presumption of negligence
貸渡 lease
課題 problem, task
解決すべき〜 a problem to be solved (by the invention)
〜を解決するための手段 means for solving the problem
学会 academic society
物理〜 physical society
〜に出席する attend a meeting of an academic society
合併 merger (of firms)
紙公報 paper publication, official gazette in paper
紙出願 application in paper, cf. electronic application
加盟国 member state
provisional, tentative
〜差押 provisional seizure, provisional injunction
〜登録 provisional registration
仮出願 (US他) provisional application
仮処分 provisional injunction

(ex.) The court granted a provisional injunction against the unauthorized manufacture
仮保護 provisional protection
〜の権利 provisional protection right
過料 administrative penalty, non-penal fine
管轄 jurisdiction
〜違い jurisdictional incompetency, error of jurisdiction
〜国際調査機関 competent International Searching Authority
〜国際予備審査機関 competent International Preliminary Examining Authority
〜受理官庁 competent receiving office
刊行物 publication
〜等提出書 information statement, presentation of publications and the like
願書 (application) request
特許出願の〜と明細書 a request and a specification for a patent application
〜を提出する to submit an application request (to the Patent Office)
〜に最初に添付した明細書又は図面 specification or drawings originally attached to the (application) request
完成品(意) finished product
間接侵害 indirect infringement

cf. contributory infringement(米)
鑑定 judgement, appraisal
〜書 expert opinion (on), written opinion, expert testimony
〜人 expert witness, appraiser
観念類似 similarity in concept
還付 refund, restoration, restitution
超過額を〜する The exceeding amount is reimbursed
官報 Official Gazette
判決を〜に公示しなければならない Such judgement shall be published in the Official Gazette
慣用 common use
〜技術 conventional art, ordinary skill, commonly used art
〜商標 commonly used trademark
慣用技術 ordinary skill, conventional art
管理人 administrator
特許の〜を指定 to appoint an administrator for the patent [a patent administrator]
関連発明 related invention, invention relating to
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