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言い渡し pronouncement
〜をする must give his opponent, in advance, an opportunity to
判決を〜す to pronounce a judgement
以下 no more than, not exceeding, hereinafter
〜...と称する hereinafter referred to as ...
0.01以下 0.01 or less, no more than 0.01
異議 opposition, objection
〜を申立てる to raise [file, submit, lodge] an opposition, to oppose
〜申立書 (written) opposition (to the grant of patent), formal opposition, opposition notice
〜申立理由補充書 opposition brief
〜申立理由補充をする to substantiate the opposition, to file an opposition brief
〜証拠 exhibit for opposition, opponent's exhibit (reference)
〜理由 reasons for opposition
〜決定 decision on opposition
〜決定をする to render a decision on the opposition (in favor of the patentee or opponent)
〜申立人 opponent 
〜申立手続 procedure for (filing) an opposition
付与後〜 post-grant opposition,

cf. pre-grant opposition
意見 argument, opinion, view
〜書 argument (in writing), written opinion

(ex.) to file an argument in response to the outstanding Office Action
〜を述べる to state (his) opinion
イ号物件 article A (subject article in dispute)
cf. イ号方法 process A (subject process in dispute)
意匠 design
〜権 design right
〜権者 owner of a design right
〜公報 design publication, design patent publication
〜登録出願 application for a design registration
〜に関わる物品 article to which a design is applied
〜の説明 explanation of the design
〜の創作者 creator [author] of the design
〜の形状 shape of a design
〜の形態 form (configuration) of a design
以上 not less than, more than
3個〜 not less than 3, more than 2, 3 or more
一部 part
〜敗訴 a partial defeat
〜の同意 the consent of some of the members
〜の譲渡 partial transfer
〜改正 partial amendment
〜承継 partial succession
〜認容 partial approval
〜無効/FONT> partial invalidation
一般承継 general succession
〜人 general successor
移転 transfer, removal, movement
〜する to transfer (a patent right to another person)
〜登記 registration of transfer
委任 entrustment(Aに出願を)
〜する to entrust (A to file an application)
〜状 power of attorney, authorization of agent

(ex.) to submit an executed Power of Attorney for an application
〜による代理人 a representative by mandate
〜事項 affairs entrusted
印鑑証明書 seal certificate, certificate of a seal-impression
印紙 revenue stamp
特許〜 patent revenue stamp
引用 citation, recitation
〜する to cite, to recite
引(用)例 (cited) reference, citation
〜発明 cited invention, invention referred to
〜文献 cited document [reference]
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