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ファーストページ front [first] page
ファセット分類記号 facet classification symbol
付加期間 additional period
付記的部分 appendant portion (in a trade mark)
複合優先 multiple priorities
副代理人 sub attorney [representative]
〜を選任する to appoint a sub-representative
副本 duplicate

(ex.) to transmit a duplicate of a written opposition to (異議申立書副本を送達)
符号 reference letter, numerical reference, numeral, reference, symbol
〜の説明 explanation of letters or numerals
不実施 non-working (of a patented invention)
不受理 refusal of receipt
〜処分 disposition of refusal of receipt
不使用 non-use (of a trade mark)
〜商標 registered trademark not in use
〜商標取消審判(商標) trial for cancellation of a registered trademark not in use
不正競争防止法 Unfair Competition Prevention Law
付則 Supplementary Provisions
付属書類 attached document, annex
ブタペスト条約 Budapest Treaty (on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure)
物質 substance
物品 article
〜の区分 classification of articles
〜の組合せ combination of articles
〜の形状 shape of an article
〜の構造 structure of an article
〜の部分 part of an article
不当利得 unjust enrichment
不登録事由 grounds for unregistability
不服(行政不服審査法上の) dissatisfaction
〜を申し立てる to state dissatisfaction (against a decision)
〜の申立 statement of dissatisfaction
不服(刑事上及び民事上の訴状) complaint, dissatisfaction
部分優先 partial priority, cf. multiple priorities(複合優先)
不変期間 invariable period, fixed term
不明瞭 ambiguity, indefinite, unclear
〜記載 indefinite description, unclear statement, ambiguous expression
付与後異議 post-grant opposition
付与前異議(旧法) pre-grant opposition
分割 division (of application)
〜する to divide an application
〜出願 divisional application
文書 document
分類 classification
国際特許〜 International Patent Classification (IPC)
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