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包括委任状 general power of attorney
放棄 waiver (of a patent right), abandonment (of a patent application)
〜する to waive [abandon]

(ex.) to submit a notice of abandonment
防護標章 defensive mark
方式 formalities
〜補正 amendment of formalities
〜審査 formality examination, examination as to formality
〜審査官 formality examiner
〜的要件 formal requirements
〜審査便覧 Formality Examination Manual
法人 legal entity, juristic person
〜でない社団または財団 association or a foundation which is not a legal entity
包袋 file wrapper (of Application No.〜)
〜閲覧 to inspect a file wrapper
法定の prescribed by law
〜期間 legal term (prescribed by law), statutory period of time
〜代理人 legal representative
〜相続人 legal inheritor
cf. 承継人 successor
〜実施権 statutory non-exclusive license
冒認 usurpation
〜発明 usurped invention
方法 method, process
〜の発明 invention of process, method invention
法律 law, laws, statute
〜行為 juristic act
〜問題 legal question
〜の適用 application of a law
法令で定めた statutory

(ex.) statutory grounds for rejection
apart from, not included in, unless, other than

(ex.) apart from the case contemplated in the foregoing paragraph (前項の外)

(ex.) not included in the proceeding paragraph(前項の外)

(ex.) ○○ and 3 others (○○ほか3名)
補完 complement, correction
〜する to remedy
瑕疵を〜する to remedy the defect
保護 protection
〜期間 term for protection
〜対象 subject of protection
〜範囲 scope of protection
補佐人 curator
補償金 compensation
〜請求権 right to demand compensation
〜請求権を行使する to exercise the right to demand compensation
補正 amendment
〜する to amend, to make an amendment (to)
自発〜 voluntary amendment
〜が許される範囲 allowable scope [extent] of amendment
〜案 draft amendment, amendment proposal
〜の却下 declinement of an amendment
〜の却下の決定 a decision to decline an amendment
〜書 amendment
〜命令 order for amendment
〜の却下の決定に対する審判 appeal trial against the ruling to decline an amendment
〜指令 invitation for correction
〜対象 object for amendment
〜の内容 contents of amendment
〜をする機会 opportunity for amendment
保存 preservation, maintenance
本意匠 principal design,

cf. similar design(類似意匠)
本願 present application, application concerned
〜発明 the present invention, the invention of the application, the instant invention
本文 body (of Article 29)
翻訳文 translation
翻訳不備 improper [defective] translation
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