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併合 consolidation (of trials)
〜発明 consolidated inventions
並行輸入 parallel import
米国特許出願 U. S. patent application(参)
(明細書の配列)は以下の通り arrangement of application
(発明の名称) a. title of the invention 
(関連出願の相互参照) b. cross-references to related applications 
(発明の背景) c. background of the invention 
(発明の分野) 1. field of the invention 
(先行技術の記載) 2. description of related art 
(発明の要旨) d. summary of the invention 
(図面の簡単な説明) e. brief description of the drawings 
(発明の詳細な説明) f. detailed description of the invention 
(クレーム) g. claim(s)
(開示内容の要約) h. abstract of the disclosure
米国特許商標庁 USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

cf. JPO(日本特許庁)、EPO(ヨーロッパ特許庁)
閉鎖原簿 closed register [ledger]
平面図 plan view
ヘーグ協定 Hague Agreement (Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs)
ペーパーレス計画 Paperless Project
別段の定め specific provisions (relating to)
〜なきとき unless otherwise provided for
ベルヌ条約 Berne Convention (for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works)
変更 conversion (of application), modification (of claims), change [alteration] (of gist)
〜する to convert (a u.m. application into a patent application)
〜出願 converted application
弁護士 attorney at law, lawyer, counsel
弁駁書 rebuttal, refutation

(ex.) to file a rebuttal to the patentee's reply
弁理士 (registered) patent attorney
〜会 Patent Attorneys' Association (of Japan)
〜法 Patent Attorney Law
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