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背景技術 background art
賠償 indemnification, compensation
〜する to indemnify (damages), to make compensation for, to compensate
陪審 jury
〜制度 jury system
敗訴者 losing party

cf. winning party
排他的独占権 exclusive right
破棄する quash, rescind, revoke
原審を〜する to quash the original trial decision
破線 dotted line
発送日 mailing date
cf. 起案日 drafting date
発明 invention
〜をする to make an invention
〜の目的 object of the invention
〜の構成 constitution of the invention
〜の効果 advantageous effect [technical advantage] of the invention
〜の詳細な説明 detailed description of the invention
〜の対象 subject matter of the invention
〜の名称 title of the invention
特許出願にかかる〜 the invention claimed in a patent application
〜が解決しようとする課題 problems to be solved by the invention
〜実施のための最良の形態 best mode for carrying out the invention
同一〜 same invention
〜数 the number of inventions
〜の属する分野 technical field to which the invention pertains
〜の単一性 unity of inventions
〜の保護 protection of inventions
〜の利用 utilization of inventions
〜者証 (RU) inventor's certificate
発明推進協会 Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation, JIII
パリ条約 Paris Convention (for the Protection of Industrial Property)
〜に基づく優先権 Convention priority, priority under the Paris Convention
判決 (court) judgement
確定〜 final and conclusive judgement, an irrevocable decision
反証 counter evidence
証拠の証明力を〜により奪う The credibility of the evidence is challenged by producing a counter-evidence
判断 judgement, conclusion, discretion
判定 interpretation
〜の請求 a request for interpretation
頒布 distribution
〜する to distribute (a publication)
判例 (judicial) precedent (judgement)
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