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利益 benefit, profit
優先権の)利益を享受する to enjoy the benefit (of a priority)
利益を得る to gain profits (through the infringement)
業務上の利益 interest of business
不当利益 undue profit
損害の額はその侵害者が得た利益の額と決定する the amount of damages is determined by the amount of benefit gained by the infringer
利害関係 interest
(審判の結果に)利害関係を有する to have an interest (in the results of trial)
利害関係人 interested person, person concerned
利害関係のない(公平な、偏見のない) disinterested
利害関係人は誰でも無効審判を請求できる any interested party can demand a tria
立証 verification, authentication
立証責任 burden of proof, burden of proofing[establishing] the fact
立証する to prove, to produce evidence
立証責任の転換 shifting the burden of proof
立証方法 means for establishing evidence
証人の証言によって立証された verified by the testimony of the witness
理由を立証する証拠 evidence in support of the reasons
侵害が故意になされたか過失の結果であるかを立証 to prove that the infringement was intentional or the result of negligence
立体商標 three-dimensional trademark
立法の legislative
立法経過 legislative history
立法趣旨 legislative intent
立法 legislation
理由 reason
理由を述べる to give a reason for
理由を附す to state the reasons (for)
理由を附した with a statement of reasons (for)
理由を挙げて証明 to prove with reasons
異議は理由がない The opposition is found to be groundless
請求は十分な理由がないと認定 to find the grounds for the demand to be insufficient
請求は理由があると認定 to find the demand to have good grounds, the demand is held to be reasonable
審決取消理由 grounds for canceling a trial decision →理由補充書
理由補充書 brief
異議申立理由補充書 opposition brief
審判請求理由補充書 trial brief, appeal brief
理由補充書 supplementary reasons (for trial), a statement of detailed reasons (for demanding the trial), supplementary detailed reasons →理由
略式判決 (米)summary judgement:正規の審判(事実審理)を省略して判決に至る手続。訴答(pleadings)のみに基づいて事実審理の開始前に訴訟当事者の一方を勝訴とする判決を下すこと
留保、保留 reservation
利用 use, utilization, exploitation
利用する to use, to utilize, to exploit
自然法則を利用する to utilize natural laws
産業上の利用可能性 industrial applicability
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