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起案 drafting, draft
起案日 drafting date; cf. mailing date(発送日)
機会 opportunity, chance
(異議)に勝つ機会 chance of winning (in opposition)
The chances of overturning the trial decision in the Tokyo High Court are not good
期間 time limit, term, period, period of time
期間延長 extension of the period [term]
期間内に within the time limit
期間の経過 lapse of period
期間満了 expiration [completion] of a period
期間の計算 calculation [computation] of the duration [period]
期間を延長する to extend the time limit (for)
期間延長を請求する to request an extension of the term (for)
期間を遵守する to observe a time limit
2カ月の期間内に within the two month term
期間の徒過 non-observance of a term, default of term →期限
技監 Engineer-General (of the Patent Office)
棄却 dismissal
訴えを決定により棄却 The court dismissed the appeal by means of a ruling
棄却の申立 motion to dismiss →却下
期限 time limit
応答期限 time limit for response, period of response
回答期限延長願 request for extension of time to respond to
期限をきる limit[fix] a period
出訴期限 time limit for instituting a suit, limitation of action
期限は3カ月延長できる the time limit can be extended by [for] three months
出願 [補正] 期限 time limit for filing [amendment]
記載 description
記載不備による拒絶 rejection based on inappropriate (or insufficient) description in the specification
(明細書の)記載要件 descriptive [description] requirement
記載する to set forth, 例 クレーム3記載の方法 the process as set forth in claim 3
起算する to count from, (to begin) to run, running from
期日 date (appointed by), appointed date, date fixed, due date (期限日)
期日を指定する to designate a date (for)
技術 technology, art
関連技術の説明 related art statement
技術基準 technical measure
技術供与 licensing of technology
技術顧問 technical adviser
技術進歩 technical progress, advance in the art
技術サービス technical service
公知技術 known art
従来技術 conventional art, state of the art
先行技術 prior art
先行技術調査 prior art search
技術説明 technical explanation
技術提携契約を締結 enter into technical collaboration agreement
技術秘訣 know-how
技術分野 technical field
技術評価書 technical opinion
類似技術 analogous art
当該技術分野において一般に受け入れられている generally accepted in the art
技術用語 technical term, technical language
技術予測 technological forecasting →技術の、→先行技術、→技術水準
技術の、技術的 technical (工業の), technological (科学技術の)
技術的改良 technical improvement
技術的効果 technical effect
技術的思想 technical idea
技術的思想の創作 the creation of technical ideas
技術的手段 technical means
技術的背景 technological background
技術的特徴 technical character, technical features
技術的範囲 technical scope (of the patented invention)
技術的問題の解決 solution of a technical problem →技術、→実用新案技術評価書、→技術水準
技術移転 technology transfer
技術移転機構 TLO (=Technology Licensing Organization):大学などにおける研究成果の産業界への技術移転を促進する機関 →技術
技術水準現時点の) (state of the art(技術の現状、従来技術の状態), technical level
技術水準調査、先行技術調査 state of the art search
The state of the art shall be held everything made available to the public by means of a written or oral description, by use, or in any other way (EPC 53-2)→技術、→先行技術
技術評価書 →実用新案技術評価書
基準 standard, criteria, basis
審査基準 criteria for examination, examination standard
基準日 critical date
偽証 perjury
偽証罪 offense of perjury
起訴 indictment
起訴猶予 to stay the prosecution
不起訴契約 covenant-not-to-sue
主起訴理由 principal count of indictment
規則 rule(s), regulation(s)
施行規則 rules of practice
特許出願に関する規則 regulations for patent applications
規則に定める期間内に within the time limit prescribed in the Regulations
6条に定める規則 regulations pursuant to Article 6
規則を守る to obey [observe] rules, to conform to regulations
規則を破る to go against [break, disobey, violate] the rules
基礎出願 basic application →もとの、→原
寄託 deposition
特許生物寄託センターに微生物を寄託する to deposit a microorganism at the International Organism Depository
寄託者 depositor
寄託制度 deposition system
微生物の寄託 deposition of microorganism
微生物の国際寄託 international deposit of microorganism
ATCC に微生物を寄託した a microorganism was deposited at the ATCC
In any invention using microorganisms not easily available, the applicant must deposit the microorganism
enter in the original specification the deposit number or acceptance number →特許生物寄託センター、→寄託機関、→ブタペスト条約、→ATCC
寄託機関 depository, deposit authority →寄託、→特許生物寄託センター、→ATCC
recognized depositoriesの例:ATCC (American Type Culture Collection), NRRL(Northern Regional Research laboratory), CBS(Central Bureau voor Shimmel-sulteres)など

規定 provision, stipulation
規定する provide, prescribe, stipulate, enumerate, set forth
38条の規定により under [in accordance with] the provision of Article 38
10条に規定されている行為 acts referred to in Art. 10
この法律の規定により under this Law
別段の規定がないときは unless otherwise provided for, except where otherwise provided for
37条に規定された set forth in Article 37, (as) referred to in Article 37
規定の趣旨 the intent of the provision
以下に規定する条件で upon the terms and conditions set forth below
既得権 vested right [interest], acquired righ
既得権益 vested rights and interests
機能 function
機能的記載 functional expression [description]
機能を発揮する to exhibit [play] the function of
品質保証機能 function to guarantee the quality of goods
A functional expression or description is one that describes the invention in terms of the end desired, rather than in concrete specific terms
functional claim, functional claiming:クレーム文言を構造的にでなく機能に着目して表現した形式であって、例えばモータという代わりにmeans やstepを用いて、a means for generating powerと記載(この表現の方がモータよりカバー範囲が広い)
既判力 res judicata (L.), the effect of excluding further litigation
確定判決は既判力を有する A judgement that has become irrevocable possesses the effect of excluding further litigation
忌避 refusal, challenge
忌避する to refuse
除斥または忌避 to exclude or refuse (the trial examiner)
当事者がある審判官を忌避した a party refused a trial examiner
忌避の申立 motion for refusal
審判官の除斥、忌避 exclusion or refusal of trial examiner →除斥
基本 basic, fundamental
基本手数料 basic fee
基本特許 basic [pioneer] patent(通常基本的な原理やパイオニア発明についての特許をいう)
基本発明 basic invention, pioneer invention(先駆的発明)
base claim
義務 duty, obligation
注意義務 duty of care
義務を果たす to do oneユs duty, to fulfil one's obligations
義務不履行 default
守秘義務 duty of confidentiality [secrecy]
却下 dismissal
却下する to dismiss (a suit), to reject, to refuse, to turn down, to quash
審決却下 dismissal by trial decision
一部却下 partial dismissal
事件の却下 dismissal of a case
補正を却下 to dismiss the amendment
訴えを決定により却下した The court dismissed the appeal by means of a ruling
不法な請求の却下 dismissal of illegal demand →棄却
救済 remedy
救済を求める資格を有する当事者 party entitled to resort to a remedy
休日 holiday
法定休日 legal holiday
連邦祭日 (米)federal holiday:米国期限日は土曜、日曜、コロンビア特別区内における連邦祭日の場合、次の平日に手続。
(参)コロンビア特別区の米国祭日は、1月1日(New Year's Day)、1月の第3月曜日(Dr. Kings Birthday)、2月の第3月曜日(Washington's Birthday)、5月の最終月曜日(Memorial Day)、7月4日(Independence Day)、9月の第1月曜日(Labor Day)、10月の第2月曜日(Columbus Day)、11月11日(Veteran's Day)、11月の第4木曜日(Thanksgiving Day)、12月25日(Christmas Day)
休眠中の dormant, sleeping
休眠中の出願 dormant application:まだ審査請求がされていない出願
休眠特許 sleeping patent:出願され、あるいは権利化されたけれども活用されていない特許
寄与侵害 (米) contributory infringement:特許権侵害に寄与(幇助)する行為。部品など発明の要部にあたるものを侵害の認識をもって販売する行為、侵害の教唆など→侵害
協議 agreement, consultation
協議が整わない時には if no agreement has been reached
協議不成立 disagreement on consultation, agreement has not been reached
成立しなかった協議 consultation not successfully concluded
協議命令 directive[order] for consultation
特許権者と協議 to consult with the patentee
in the event any infringement arises from the operation under this agreement, the parties hereto shall confer on what action shall be taken
競合品 competitive device, competitive products
競合者 competitor
侵害教唆 inducing infringement
教示 teaching
教示する teach
この引例は〜の技術を教示する the reference teaches a technology of
享受する →享有する
供述 statement
testimonial evidence
宣誓した上で供述 statement under oath, affidavit
行政 administration
行政事件 administrative case
行政事件訴訟法 Administrative Case Litigation Law
行政処分 administrative disposition
行政訴訟 administrative litigation
行政庁 government authorities, administrative office, administrative agency
行政手続 administrative procedure
行政単位 administrative unit
行政裁量 administrative discretion
行政上の救済 administrative remedy
行政庁の過誤 error on the part of any administrative agency →行政不服審査法
行政不服審査法 (日) Administrative (Complaint) Appeal Law:行政処分に係わる行政庁に対して不服申し立てをする手続を定めたもの
行政不服審査法に基づく異議申立 objection under the Administrative Appeal Law
to file a statement of dissatisfaction with the Patent Office under the provisions of the Administrative Appeal Law
強制実施権 compulsory license
競争 competition
競争相手 competitor, rival
競争者、競合者 competitor
競争条項 competitive clause
不正競争防止法 (日)Unfair Competition Prevention Law
共同 (の) joint
共同出願 joint application
共同出願人 joint applicants, coapplicants
共同委員会(合同委員会) joint committee
共同発明 co-invention, joint invention, common invention
共同発明者 co-inventors, joint inventors
共同使用商標 joint use trademark
業として実施 commercial working, working as a business
共謀 conspiracy
obtain a patent by a fraudulent act, alone or in conspiracy
業務 business, transaction, activities, duty, service
業務規定 business rule
業務上過失 neglect of occupational duty
業務の停止 suspension of business
業務記載(商標) description of business
業務上の利益 interest of business
業務に係る商品又は役務 goods or services in connection with a person's business
進行中の業務 work in progress
(主たる)業務地 (principal) place of business[office]
業務秘密 business secret
業務品目 a line of business
業務用の書類 working documents
業務記録 business record
業務上の信用 business credit, business reputation
業務日 business day
業務時間 office hours →営業
共有 joint ownership, coownership, common ownership, joint possession
共有する to jointly own, to coown
共有者 joint owner, coowner, co-proprietor
共有権 co-ownership right
共有財産 common property
if the right to obtain patent is co-owned, all co-owners must file jointly →共同
享有 enjoyment
享有する to enjoy、例:優先権の利益を享有 to enjoy the benefit of a priority
許可 allowance
(特許)許可通知 (米)Notice of Allowance
外国出願許可証 (米) license for [of] foreign filing
虚偽の untrue, false
虚偽の申立 false statement
虚偽表示 false marking [indication]
虚偽広告 false advertising
虚偽表示罪 offense of false marking [indication]
挙証責任 burden of proof (in infringement)
挙証責任の転換 shifting the burden of proof
居住者 resident
居住地 residence
非居住者 non-resident

拒絶 rejection, refusal
拒絶する to reject (an application)
記載不備による拒絶 rejection based on an inappropriate description in the specification
最初の(最後の)拒絶 first [final] Office Action →拒絶理由, →拒絶査定拒絶査定 decision of [for] final rejection, (notice of) final decision to reject, final decision for rejection, adverse decision
拒絶査定をする to make [render] a decision of final rejection
拒絶査定に対する審判 (to demand) an appeal trial against a decision of final rejection
拒絶査定に対して審判請求をした An appeal trial was demanded against the Examiner's decision for rejection
拒絶査定を取消す to overturn the examiner's final decision
the final decision becomes finally binding on the day immediately following the day a reply was to be effected
the examiner re-examines the application on which he issued the final rejection →審査前置
(参)最終拒絶(米。原則として審査官の2回目のrejection) final rejection →拒絶, →拒絶理由

拒絶理由 reasons for rejection, reasons to reject the application
拒絶理由通知書 notice of reasons for rejection, notification of reasons for refusal, Office Action, OA, Official Letter
拒絶理由通知書を発行 to issue an Office Action
拒絶理由通知書を起案 to draft an Office Action
拒絶理由通知書の発送日 mailing date of an Office Action
the reasons for rejection specified in this Office Action were overcome by the amendment
拒絶理由通知を手交する to hand over an Office Action
まだ応答されていない拒絶理由通知 outstanding Office Action
審査官は〜を引用した In the Office Action, the Examiner cited ~
ruled to be rejected for the reasons given in →拒絶, →拒絶査定
居所 residence, dwelling place, dwelling address, place of abode; cf. 住所 domicile, address, legal residence(法定住所) →住所
許諾 agreement, permission
許諾実施権 license by agreement
実施を許諾する to grant permission to a person to work the patent invention
拒否 veto, repudiation
記録 record
記録原本(国際出願の正本) record copy
記録官(登録係) registrar, register, recorder, clerk
特許登録簿に記録する to record in the patent register
近因 proximate cause (=主因: dominant cause, producing cause); cf. remote cause(遠因)
禁止 prohibition (against, on), a ban
to be barred from using the mark in Japan for the duration of the agreement
禁止権 prohibitive right
禁止事項 prohibited matter
均等 equivalency, equivalence
均等な equivalent (to)
均等物 equivalent
均等物との置換 equivalent substitution →均等論
均等論 the doctrine of equivalents: 特許権の権利解釈で取り上げられる概念。実質的に同じ方法(way)で、実質的に同じ機能(function)を発揮し、全体的に実質的に同じ結果(result)を達成する場合に均等論に基づく侵害が認められる、とする
均等論による侵害 infringement under the doctrine of equivalents; cf. literal infringement(文言上の侵害、文理解釈による侵害)
逆均等論 reverse doctrine of equivalents(クレームの文言が不当に広い場合に適用され、クレームが縮小解釈されること)
禁反言 estoppel(エストッペル:過去の記述などに反する主張をすることを禁止する原則)
file wrapper estoppel
出願経過禁反言 prosecution history estoppel
お見積もり ご相談 ご依頼はコチラ
TEL:03-5470-1930 営業時間(平日9:15〜17:15)メールでのお問い合わせは随時受け付けております。