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経過 process, development, lapse, course, progress, history
経過措置 transitional measures
経過規定 transitional provisions
経過的特例 interim exceptions
期間の経過 lapse of period
10年次年金納付期間が経過した period for the payment of the tenth annuity has lapsed
方式事項を除く本出願の実質的な経過 The substantial history excluding formality matters of the present application
出願経過 prosecution history of an application →進展
経験則 empirical rules
経験的に判明していた it has empirically been determined that
軽減 mitigation, reduction
手数料の軽減 reduction of fees
軽減事由 mitigating circumstances [reasons]
警告 warning
警告状 warning letter
警告する to warn
侵害者に内容証明郵便で警告状を送る to send the infringer a warning letter by contents-certified mail
For the reason given above, I strictly warn you with the present writing that you should immediately discontinue said infringing act
掲載 publication
新聞上の掲載に代えて in substitution for the publication in a newspaper
形式 formal
形式的要件 formal requirements
形式審査 formal examination
形式的欠陥の除去 removal of formal defects →方式
刑事上の criminal
刑事訴訟 criminal action
刑法 criminal code [law]
刑事訴訟法 code of criminal procedure
刑事訴訟手続 criminal proceedings
刑事訴追 criminal prosecution
係争 dispute
係争(対象)物 subject matter (in dispute, in case, at issue)
係争特許 litigious patent
係属 pendency
係属する to be pending
事件の係属中に during the pendency of the case (before the P. O.), while the case is pending (before the court)
係属中の出願 pending application
The Examiner has not decided on the case and the case is pending with the Examiner
特許庁に係属 to be pending before [at] the P.O.
審査に係属中 to be pending with the examination
審判に係属 to be pending at the Trial Board
係属中の件 pending case
刑法 criminal law, penal code
契約 contract, agreement
契約書 agreement, contract, deed of contract, covenant, deed
本契約の履行 execution of this agreement
譲渡契約 contract to assign
不起訴契約 covenant-not-to-sue
契約解除 cancellation of a contract
実施契約 license agreement
包括的実施契約 package license
と契約を結ぶ to arrive at an agreement with
契約対象製品 licensed product
契約書の修正、変更または訂正 modification, change or amendment of this Agreement
契約対象特許 licensed patent
(契約)地域 territory: 契約対象製品に関して契約地域で in the territory with respect to the licensed product
本契約を実効あらしめるために to carry this agreement into full effect
契約で別段の定めがなければ unless otherwise provided for by contract
実施権契約は公開される a license agreement is made public
third parties may have access to the terms of a license agreement such as royalty rates, period, etc.
代理店契約 agency agreement
販売店契約(書) distributorship agreement
計量法 Measurement Law
結合商標 composite trademark
結審 closing of an appeal (trial) examination
欠如 want, lack
新規性の欠如 want of novelty, lack of novelty
発明性に欠ける(欠如) want of inventiveness
決定 decision, ruling
決定する to render [make] a decision (that the application is to be granted)
決定の根拠 grounds for decision
理由がないと決定される (the opposition is ) ruled groundless
特許権者を是とする裁判所の決定 court's ruling in favor of the patentee
暫定的決定 preliminary ruling
その決定が確定した時 when the decision has become fully binding
決定を下す render a decision, pass a decision
欠点 disadvantage, drawback
欠落 omission、lack(欠如), want(脱漏)
出願における欠落を修正 to rectify an omission from the application
欠落図面 missing drawing
受任している件 case in one's charge
本件 the case, case in question
件名番号、ケースナンバー case number
審判中の件 case under trial
原(最初の、もとの) original
原出願人(出願時の出願人) original applicant
原出願(最初の出願) original application
原本 original copy [text]
原語 original language
原審 original decision [instance]
原クレーム(出願当初のクレーム) original claim
原因 cause, causation(因果関係)
除斥原因 cause for exclusion
訴訟原因、訴因 cause of action
事実的因果関係 causation in fact
見解 an opinion, a view
特許庁の見解は The Patent Office view is that
見解を異にする have a different opinion from, disagree with
見解がまちまち opinion is divided on this issue
権限 power (s), competence
権限を与える to authorize, to commission to do
権限を越える to exceed one's competence [powers, authority]
当事者を審判に呼ぶ権限 to have authority to call the parties to the trial
(弁理士は)特許庁で手続をする権限をもつ authorized to take procedures at the Patent Office
signed by authorized officer or representative of each of the parties
第1項の規定により与えられた権限 power given by Paragraph (1)
現行法 existing law
原告 plaintiff, appellant(二審以上、控訴人、上告人); cf. 被告 defendant, appellee
原告側 party to the suit
原告の主張は理由がない the plaintiff's assertion is quite groundless (as described below)
検索 retrieval, search
検索する to retrieve, to conduct a search for
特許情報検索 patent information retrieval
to retrieve an English abstract of the corresponding application through the JPO web-site
法律検索 legal research
機械検索 mechanical search→調査、→特許電子図書館、→パトリス、→WPI
原産地 source of origin, origin source
原産国 country of origin
原産地名称 appellation of origin
原産地表示 indication of source
製品の原産地 source of the product
原子の atomic
原子力発明 atomic energy invention
原子核変換の方法 method of transformation of atomic nuclei
減縮 restriction
(クレームを)減縮する to restrict (the claim)
(クレームの) 限定的減縮 restriction (of the claim) by limitation
現状 status
現状調査 status search
出願の現状をデータベースで検索する to retrieve the status of an application by a database
コンピュータ調査で現状をチェックする to conduct a computer search to check the present status →特許電子図書館、→パトリス原出願 original (parent) application
原審 original decision [instance]
原審維持 the original decision is maintained [supported]
原審取消 original decision is reversed [canceled] →もとの、→原
原則 principle
特許独立の原則 principle of independence of patents
内国民待遇の原則 national treatment principle
裁判の原則 principle of justice
合理性の原則 rule of reason
顕著な conspicuous, remarkable, marked, prominent
顕著な効果 prominent effect
顕著な事実 obvious facts
顕著性 distinctiveness
使用による顕著性 distinctiveness through use, acquired distinctiveness
永年の使用により顕著性を獲得 to acquire distinctiveness by being used over a long period of time →識別力
限定 limitation, restriction
限定する to limit (the claim)
限定的 limitative
限定的列挙 limitative listing (of the reasons for rejection)
限定的減縮 restriction (of the claim) by limitation
限定要求 restriction requirement(米):二つ以上の独立した発明が一つの出願中に含まれていると審査官が認めた場合、一つの発明グループを選択するよう審査官が要求すること(37CFR 1.142)
検討する examine, study, investigate, review
拒絶理由通知及びその応答書面を検討 to review the Office Action and the applicantユs reply thereto
現場検証する to make inspection on the sport
原文 original text, source text, original (翻訳の基となった原文)
(クレーム)を原文で読む to read (the claim) in the original
原簿 register, ledger
特許原簿 patent ledger [ register]
登録原簿 registration ledger [ register]
The patent register contains information on the term, area and so on of a license →登録
原典、原著 original work
原本 original, original copy [text]
原本と同一であることが認証 to be certified to be identical with the original
英語による原本一通が作成された established in a single original in the English language
原本照合 collation
This is to certify that the above is an authentic copy of the original
権利 right, title
権利移転の登録 registration of transfer of a right
権利義務 rights and duties, claims and obligations
権利の行使 exercise of right
権利の侵害 infringement (on a patent right)
権利承継 succession in title
その発明について特許を得る権利を承継 to succeed to the right to obtain a patent on the invention
権利の溯及効 retroactive effect of a right
権利能力 legal capacity
権利能力のある legally capable, competent
権利の剥奪 deprivation of a right
権利変動 change of title, change of ownership
権利を付与する vest a right in [with] a person
権利の濫用 abuse of a right/特許を受ける権利 right to a patent, right to obtain a patent
権利の変遷(を示すリスト) chain of title
既得権 acquired right
第三者の権利 right belonging to a third person
instructions given to interested parties on their rights
特許に基づく権利 right driving from the patent
権利者 right holder, person entitled, claimant, owner(所有者)、patentee(特許権者)
前権利者 predecessor in title
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